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InstaVoice ReachMe

InstaVoice ReachMe

by Claude Newman

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Tired of paying high roaming fees when traveling abroad? Want to cut roaming costs?
Get free incoming calls on international roaming – to your own number – over data. All you need is an active Internet connection.

InstaVoice ReachMe converts incoming GSM calls to Internet (VoIP) calls, so that you can answer them in the app over data.

How does it work?
- You install the app and activate ReachMe for roaming.
- People call you in your local number.
- ReachMe converts incoming call to a VoIP call.
- You answer the incoming call in the app over an active Internet connection.

To the caller, the call seems like a regular call. For you, the calls are received over Internet, which cuts out all call charges relating to incoming calls, thereby saving on exuberant roaming charges (call forwarding charges may apply).

When can you use ReachMe?
- Traveling abroad? Activate ReachMe and get free incoming calls on international roaming, over data.
- Poor network coverage at home or work? Connect to Wi-Fi and get incoming calls in ReachMe where towers can’t reach you.
- Use two (or more) numbers? Link them to ReachMe and get incoming calls for all of them, over data. Say goodbye to carrying multiple devices!
- Give customers a local number in their country to call you. You pick up calls from your own device, for free.

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