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Internet Speed Test App

Internet Speed Test App

by FJ Technologies

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  • Internet Speed Test App
  • Internet Speed Test App
  • Internet Speed Test App
  • Internet Speed Test App

Our Internet Speed Test App is designed to test accurate internet speed and to give you the idea how fast your internet speed is providing by the internet service provider. It also shows how fast is your upload speed as well.

An internet speed meter shows the amount of data used in the notification pane and displays the current speed in the status bar.

To quickly test your internet connection and measure your internet performance, use our internet Speed Test app and find about your internet speed in seconds.

Feature Overview
- Check the speed and latency (ping) of your downloads and uploads
- Test download and upload speed and ping latency
- Our app works on Wi-Fi hotspots, DSL, ADSL, Cable and data connections
- You can check the speed of your mobile carrier even if you have the fastest connection with the 5G and LTE speed test
- Wi-Fi speed test: Analyse the internet speed of your Wi-Fi hotspot, your net, and ISP
- Internet speed checker thoroughly check and ensures weather you are getting the same service what your internet service provider promises to deliver.

- No unnecessary permissions required in app to run.
- Android's most accurate internet test app.
- Help to troubleshoot internet speed issues
- Help to test WIFI internet speed test

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