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IObit Applock

02 Jan 2019 App Of The Day

IObit Applock

by IObit

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IObit Applock 2.0 newly added Face Lock with advanced artificial intelligence to secure your privacy safely and instantly. This free privacy protector also provides pattern and PIN lock to add an extra security on both your Android phone and tablet.

Key Features of IObit Applock:

Face Lock
► Protect privacy by using artificial intelligence
► Verify your face to access the personal apps safely and instantly.
► No fear of forgetting password

Fake Lock
► Picture Cover disguises all locked apps with your own picture from gallery
► Force Stop shows a fake crash screen to those who want to access to your apps

Notification Lock
►Hide the content of notifications and heads-up from social apps
►Automatically lock private messaging apps to keep sensitive chat previews from curious eyes
►Feel safe and secure with family, friends or strangers in public 

Delay Lock Option
►Lock app every time
►Lock app when screen goes off
►Lock app after screen off for 3 minutes
►Customize the time interval to avoid frequently unlocking and switching between apps

Intruder Selfie
►Snap a photo of who tried to unlock your apps
►Email the snooper’s photo to you immediately
►Record the date and time in app for check

Change Icon
►Replace IObit Applock’s icon with Alarm Clock, Weather and Calculator on home screen
►Pretend to be another app to avoid discovering and uninstalling by others

We promise to reply you within 24 hours: support@applock.tech 
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Website: http://www.applock.tech/

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