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IQ Test Game

IQ Test Game

by 7Soule

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  • IQ Test Game
  • IQ Test Game
  • IQ Test Game

IQ Game will test your skills and accuracy in a limited time. This IQ test game will test your brain with the most intelligent questions regarding intelligence and mental sharpness. The multiple-choice questions will be provided in the form of levels to test the IQ of your mind. The brainstorming questions will enable your mind to think and solve the difficult questions rises in your mind.
IQ test Game contains many levels with each level testing the difficulty of your mind. Clear the rounds and reach the top level IQ score to earn the highest ranking on the leaderboard. The top leader of the board will be featured on our Facebook page. The game contains addictive quiz questions to check the intelligence of your brain with this free test app.
Intelligence game contains a short time to solve the questions to reach the top level in a short time. The time will be short so be quick to find the correct answers for the IQ questions.
You can add a wish list to save the important and most difficult questions for later memory. The IQ questions or Iq quiz will test your memory and mental IQ with each question more difficult and tricky. These tricky questions will test your IQ. The IQ test game contains hints and suggestions so you can easily clear the round if you are stuck in the middle of the game. Best smart game on play store.
Daily and weekly rewards in the form of coins will be given to the most loyal users who will use the game on a daily basis. Keep checking the rewards in the rewards section to earn more points to uncover the hints hidden to solve the question.

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