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Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times

Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times

by atech4

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  • Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times
  • Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times
  • Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times
  • Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times
  • Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times
  • Islamic Bundle - Prayer Times

The popular Muslim Community App by millions of Muslims around the world has multiple accurate prayer times, Qibla and Azan.The usage makes it possible for Muslims prayer times to get a distinct competency of the splendid religion Islam. Islamic Bundle is each in one App Islamic prayer times azan offline and consists of different sections like Prayer times azan, Qibla Finder, 40 Rabbana, Shahadah, 99 names of ALLAH, Kids names, Makkah and Madinah live, Prayer Tracker, etc.

♕ App Features:
• Accurate prayer times app on your current location
• Visual and audio releases for prayer timings
• Announcement for each prayer reminder.
• Option to choose announcement tone (Athan prayer times).
• Changing the phone to muted automatically during prayer times, with settings for each prayer app.
• Visual and audio Azan announcements for the calls for prayer with multiple voices to choose from
• Capacity to edit pray times manually.
• Qibla compass show instruction to Mecca (Qibla direction)
• 99 names of Allah with content, description, and benefits
.• Shahadah with English translating
• 40 Rabbana spells with translating and audio says.
• 25 Languages for Quranic verses
• Congratulations- share beautiful Islamic communications with familiars
• Zakat Calculator for cash, gold, tableware, share bonds, have owed, and other quantity
.• Islamic schedule
• Girls and Boys Islamic Names with meaning and description
• Prayer Tracker-Track your day-to-day prayers
• Live Channels-Makkah and Madinah live
• Hijri Timetable- View current date with respect to Islamic date.
1. Albanian
2. Bengali
3. Bosnian
4. Chinese
5. Czech
6. Dutch
7. German
8. Hindi
9. Indonesian
10. Italian
11. Japanese
12. Malaysian
13. Nigerian
14. Norwegian
15. Pashto
16. Persian
17. Polish
18. Portuguese
19. Romanian
20. Russian
21. Somali
22. Spanish
23. Swedish
24. Tamil
25. Tatar
26. Thai
27. Turkish
28. Urdu
29. Uzbek
Locality (GPS and network- predicated) your locality is wanted to calculate accurate prayer times, the Qibla.
Storehouse/ pics / Media/ lines this authorization is needed to save downloaded content similar as further adhans.
Phone/ Device ID & Call Information this authorization is needed to gain a unique device ID for Islamic Pack.
Still, it's due to your associated settings, If you feel that you're passing inaccurate Islamic prayer times in Islamic Bundle.
Let us know if you want any features to be included in-app. Your feedback is big-time appreciated
Share Islamic Bundle with familiars and family and rate us if you like the app. For further Apps, Search Inabia Apps in the play store

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