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Kagaay Property Sale & Real Estate App

16 Mar 2021 App Of The Day

Kagaay Property Sale & Real Estate App

by Kagaay

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  • Kagaay Property Sale & Real Estate App
  • Kagaay Property Sale & Real Estate App
  • Kagaay Property Sale & Real Estate App
  • Kagaay Property Sale & Real Estate App

Kāgaay is a Real Estate App that aims at the two Ps – Property and People. Kagaay’s inception has been done to serve the two major needs that the real estate industry deals with. First being property sales and Second letting buyers purchase dream property at their dream price.
Sales Enablement
Unlike other discovery platforms, we have centralized its focus on pulling in sales and aiming for faster asset liquidation. Also, with some internally available advertising options, developers can market their properties exquisitely.
The Vast Exposure
Are you a new entrant or an existing competitor in Real Estate? Well! We have solutions for both. We give you a platform to connect with genuine and a huge number of home buyers and ensure speedy property sales.
Digital Ease
We shred down the hassles involved in the home-buying process and offers virtual processes right from exploring to the final payment. Also, digitalization ensures utmost transparency with no human or middlemen intervention.
The Exclusive Purchase Options
Apart from a plethora of options, a buyer can also benefit from Draw-of-Lots, Flash Sales, and e-Auctions and secure the chosen property at their dream price.
Sales Enablement requires patience and a major share of time for driving in serious and genuine buyers. Hence, understanding the behavioural patterns of customers and need of the hour, we will be introducing and conducting timely discounted campaigns for pulling in attraction faster and speeding up property sales.
Draw of Lots
Draw-of-Lots is one such way of getting customers to know about the available properties and arouse them with an urge of exploring further. This will not only generate sales but also let buyers invest in a property at their dream price and without falling short on budget.
Flash Sales
Flash Sales are a great way of creating a need and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in the minds of consumers. With this one-time, we will be striving for a large number of audience to come and explore the availability and purchase the exclusive options at never thought before prices.
5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Property on Kagaay
1. Exclusive Right Price Advantage
We get you the right properties at the right price. Exclusive price advantage for a buyer established with the App because of our long-standing relationship with the community of builders.
2. Great Properties on Sale for Limited Time Only
The App offers a unique time-space advantage to buyers.
3. Choice of Homes, Offices & Lands to buy and not limited to just Homes or Apartments
We offer a range of properties that get enlisted on the App- home, flats or apartment, office spaces, plotted lands, farmlands, commercial buildings & large bungalow plots. Giving the buyer a wide choice of properties to invest and own across the country.
4. Mandatory preliminary due diligence for all properties enlisted
We ensure preliminary due diligence of all the realtors enlisted on the APP in the following ways:
- RERA verification & videos validated thereof
- Personal recorded video statement of the project details by realtors
- Preliminary due diligence of realtors by a panel of advocates
However, we disclaim the responsibility of any nature concerning the project, builder or end-user, once the confirmation amount is released to the builder post the customer’s acceptance of the transaction.
5. Buying a property is as easy as play and yet completely transparent
The App makes purchasing a property an enjoyable ride with its inbuilt gamification processes. A very large purchase decision like home-buying is made as easy as playing through Draw of lots, Flash Sales & E- Auctions. The app is fortified with all transactional & management controls in place for utmost transparency & clarity for the buyer. Please browse through our Policies, Terms & Conditions, & Privacy policies on the site for more information.

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