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Khul Ke– Social Networking App

08 May 2022 App Of The Day

Khul Ke– Social Networking App

by Loktantra Mediatech

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  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App
  • Khul Ke– Social Networking App

Khul Ke – For the Love of Conversations. Everyone is welcome to discover and engage in meaningful conversations, host an event, talk with the world's most influential people, live stream conversations straight from your device, share ideas through posts, audios and videos.

Everyone can talk Khul Ke; all you need is your voice!

Whether you are an artist, journalist, politician, athlete, performer, activist, entrepreneur, influencer, or decision-maker, this is one of the best social media and communications platform that will excite one and all.

The Khul Ke app offers 3 channels of user engagement: -


Now host audio or video Roundtables that can be in Public, Private, and Confidential mode. This virtual RoundTable gives you a platform to voice opinions or engage in interesting conversations.

A host can create RoundTable, which can have up to 5 panellists and a moderator. A panellist can be a subject expert, a celebrity, an influencer, or anyone from the audience. At present, there is no limit to the number of audience that can join a RoundTable.

Unravel the true potential of Khul Ke by joining a RoundTable: -

· Participate in engaging conversations on a variety of topics and interests.

· Create your own conversations and stream them live in Video & Audio format

· Invite experts and create a panel discussion

· Speak your mind through a monologue or invite people for group discussions. Conduct an interview, AGM, or even hold a press conference.

· Be a powerful audience in interesting conversations and be heard!

· Create your own content

· While you're at it, express Khul Ke and grow your network.


This is a native messenger of the Khul Ke social networking platform.

· Indulge in private conversations with people of similar interests.

· YAPP supports standard text, images, video, audio, documents, and emojis.


Townhall is the open time line feature of the Khul Ke platform. View the latest posts of your network. . Here's what you can experience or do on Townhall:

· Share the posts or quote them in text, audio & visual format

· Reply to posts through text and attachments such as images, videos, audio, documents, etc.

· Like, comment, and circulate your posts from your network. This also enables the users to create a network of like-minded people.

· Host a discussion on RoundTable and express your views and opinions.

How to Register?

You can easily signup for the Khul Ke social networking app with these simple steps:

· Select Age

· Enter your Mobile Number or Email ID

· Enter the Verification Code received on your mobile number or email id

· Enter your Full Name

· Create Username & Password

· If you have an invitation code, you can input that or earn an invite by inviting 5 people to download the Khul Ke app

You have now successfully your Khul Ke account.

You can also sync your phone contacts.

After your onboarding process (registration, invite friends, select interest, following users), you will land on Townhall (the open timeline page), where you can see the posts of people you are following.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app, Converse ‘Khul Ke’!

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