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12 Mar 2019 App Of The Day


by Ak Web Designer

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Coloring game for kids is fun learning where kids learn alphabets. Our painting Game for kids is loaded with multiple coloring pages that can keep your kid busy for hours and make them learn. Happy paint and learn kids.

What is this coloring game about?

- Select a drawing template for coloring

- Use the color of pencil you like

- Undo redo your last color action

- Color the drawing, by tapping and dragging on each gap of the drawing
- You can also color outside of the drawing to make apply color to background you like

- Different types of colors to increase real coloring experience
- Change the size of pencil you want makes coloring more pleasant
- Eraser tool to erase the unwanted color

- You can share, store your artwork

Children’s friendly environment. Each picture in the kids coloring game has been carefully chosen so every girl would like to paint it.

Learn english alphabets as you play. English learning for kids is another small advantage of the app.

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