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Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, AEPS

15 Apr 2022 App Of The Day

Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, AEPS

by store.kuberjee.com

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  • Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, AEPS
  • Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, AEPS
  • Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, AEPS
  • Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, AEPS
  • Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, AEPS

Kuberjee Store is a leading merchant platform for distributors and retailers.

Kuberjee store is changing into a new company with a new mission, a mission to empower the economy of rural India and minimize the gap between Rural and Urban India.

in terms of the facilities and services that it used to offer. KuberJee Store is one of the leading merchant platforms that is offering Retail services like Bill payment, Recharge service, Insurance payment, and Booking services.

Here’s a quick overview of the services, which KuberJee Store offers.

Bill Payment Services:

On KuberJee Store the retailers can provide several bill payment services like Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Landline Bill, Utility Bills like Water Bill and Gas Bill, Broadband Bill, etc.

Recharge Services:

KuberJee Store also offers Recharge Services like Mobile Recharge, Data card Recharge, DTH Recharge, FasTag Recharge, etc.

Insurance Payment:

KuberJee Store retailers can provide insurance payment services to their customers. There are multiple insurance premiums, which customers shall pay on time. Rather than visiting the insurance office or insurance agent, the customers can pay their premium with the help of KuberJee Store payment services.

Booking Services:

The booking process is also a process in which most customers require external help; whether it is Ticket booking or Gas booking. Kuberjee Store Retailers can offer several booking services like Ticket bookings like Bus tickets and Flight booking, Gas cylinder booking, Amusement Park tickets, and Event booking.

Money-Transfer service:

With KuberJee Store, the retailers can offer Money Transfer services to their customers. Using this service customers can transfer their money from any bank to any other bank in the country. It is a safe and trusted service.


The Distributors and Retailers can become the Kuberjee. Kuberjee promoters can manage their Retailers’ network, decide their Commission structure, get commission on each retailer joining Kuberjee Store, and get extra commissions. Also, the promoters can earn through the transaction made by the retailers of their network.

There’re premium services as well, which the Retailer can access and offer to their customers after a one-time payment.

Micro ATM:

Kuberjee Store offers micro ATM devices to its retailers, through which the retailer can turn his/her store into an ATM booth. With Kuberjee Store Micro ATM, the retailers can offer POS services in which customers can pay for purchases via their Credit/Debit cards, Money Transfer service, Cash Deposit and Withdraw, Balance inquiry, and more.

AEPS Service:

AEPS-Adhaar Enabled Payment Service is a service using which the customers can make a transaction using their Adhaar Card (Unique Identity Card). Customers can pay money, and Transfer money using their Adhaar Card. Kuberjee Store Retailers can get this premium service activated and offer their customers.

Benefits that Retailers and Distributor can get from Kuberjee Store :
• Distributors can have their retail network and decide their commission structure.
• Retailers can get the highest commission on transactions made with Kuberjee Store.
• Distributors/Retailers can access premium services.
• Easy to understand UI
• 24/7 Customer Support
• Occasional offers
• Highest commission on premium services
• Timely Payment Settlement and more

To know more about Kuberjee Store and Kuberjee Services, feel free to contact on +91 261-7123466 or send Mail to store@kuberjee.com.

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