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Learn 2 Sum

Learn 2 Sum

by MobitSolutions

  • Learn 2 Sum
  • Learn 2 Sum
  • Learn 2 Sum
  • Learn 2 Sum

Learn 2 Sum game provides effective learning environment in which children can learn while they are having fun. As we understand each & every child is different, Learn 2 Sum game has been carefully designed with various adorable, fun math characters for kids to enjoy while learning. Develop your basic math skills through fun and intuitive games. Solve the sums with this amazing fun math app for little kids. Fun math game teaches basic concept of mathematics such as plus and minus. This is an amazing game and your child start learning within no time. 
It provides free and fun filled cool math games for little kids. Do math practice with this numbers game by simply doing math drills on this app. It helps you to increase your math calculation speed and accuracy. This game is most suitable for first till fourth grade students. Math games are fun for practicing and learning math for A+ grade. This is an educational and fun game for your little kids.
Learn 2 Sum is a math game developed for children. This game gives confidence to your children to learn math in a very interactive way. Learn kid’s math by simply doing addition exercises on this app. Learn 2 Sum game will definitely help your kids to make more progress in school math. Your children will enjoy a fun experience while improving basic math skills. Kids Learning Math teaches basic concepts of mathematics such as counting, addition, and subtraction. Kids perform simple sum questions in this amazing game. Improve your kid’s math potential by simply using this amazing leaning game. This game motivates your children towards math.
• Learn 2 sum
• Small quiz with timer
• Children sum game
• Easy learning game
• Positive activity for your kids
• Simple and attractive user interface
• No need of internet after initial download

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