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Learning Mantraa

Learning Mantraa

by Learning Mantraa

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Learning Mantraa is India’s fastest growing EdTech initiative in the field of personalized School Learning Content.

It was founded in the year 2011 with an aim to provide focused and engaging content predominantly for students of the Indian school boards through an online learning app. It is also one of the very few companies that started with an aim to reach the last student at the far end of the row. This was achieved with the philosophy of “Personalized content, anytime, anywhere “by implementing content at the local sites in remote places with no access to the internet.

At first the idea was to provide the educators with a minimalistic teacher teaching approach with unmatched graphic and content quality through online classes. In the next few years, the company went ahead with the strategy to fine tune the product to the needs of the actual user, “the student”.

Today, Learning Mantraa is running India’s largest online learning program. The entire content is HD enabled for 4K experience. Also, the content is available for all the grades starting from grade I up till grade XII for all the subjects. Not only this, the content is also available in Hindi for the benefit of non-users of the English language giving the excellent experience of personalized learning.

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