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16 Jun 2022 App Of The Day


by Emplicore

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Take a picture of any text. Copy or edit the text before you share on SMS, e-mail or social media.

Everything is done in the app and internet access is not required.

Easily scan documents into your iPhone. Save documents as PDF and PNG in LetsScan. Edit your documents using LetsScan’s powerful tools: OCR, Signature, Rotate, Filter, Crop, Convert formats, Share, and more.


It is safe and easy to make a digital copy of everything and edit inside LetsScan. You have all your documents in one place.

Your digital documents can be saved in folders and shared as JPG or PDF format. It is fast to sort and search for all documents across folders. It is possible to import.

You can pull the text out from an image or a PDF file and save it in an editable text file.

You can rotate a document to the right position. You can put filters to your documents or images to create different effects. You can sign on the image or PDF with your hand drawing signature and then save the signed document. You can add new text to the files.

In writing needs, by scanning a hardcopy or a photo of everything such as books, screenshots, images, a digital PDF file, etc., you will not only make your digital copies, but also be able to pull the original text out of the scanned copies into editable text within less than one second.

LetsScan maximises the utility of the captured text by giving users a handy toolbox. You can style or edit your text before sharing it as TXT, RTF, PDF, and JPG. Copy and paste, change font-size, add colours, and highlight the text etc. become so easy to do on your phone.

LetsScan not only extracts text from your images and files, it also has a fantastic text to speech reader feature. You can let your text read aloud. The words will be highlighted while it is read aloud. You can pause the speech at any moment.


LetsScan is the fastest scanning app on the market.

It presents almost 100% accuracy in the text OCR recognition results. It helps to improve your typing productivity by up to 99%. It has the most powerful text capturing and editing tool that is built to connect with a scanned document and all offline data.

It is flexible and helpful for writing. It serves the best for quickly getting a draft text without typing and continuing writing.

This is very useful for writers, bloggers, marketers, researchers, students, and designers who can take a screenshot of any inspiring writings and designs, and make full use of them in a very efficient way. For writers and researchers, it helps to draft your first script fast and import it into other writing platforms such as Scrivener, Final Draft, or Ulysses etc.

LetsScan is a powerful tool to assist with your project management. When using Trello, Jira, Confluence, Podio, or Manday.com, you will find LetsScan super useful in taking screenshots of important notes and updates and making it easier for you to attach files and text from your phone directly to these platforms.

LetsScan also helps dramatically in the daily data registration process. The fabulous app can quickly transfer the printed batch numbers and other information into your clipboard or any other digital platform. It makes the time distance between receiving packages and uploading data into your Dynamics software system such as Microsoft Dynamics C5 so much shorter. It saves your time and thus your cost.

For bankers and similar professionals, LetsScan provides an easy way to sign legal documents. It is designed to minimise the signing process. It helps customers to achieve rapid exchange of transaction documents in the business world.


No internet is needed to scan, edit, and save documents.

No account registration is required to use the app.

No data is collected or tracked by the app at any time.

Powerful extra PDF converter tools

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