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LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy

27 Dec 2020 App Of The Day

LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy

by LIFE Intelligence

  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy
  • LIFE Intelligence DIY Therapy

LIFE Intelligence is a scientific pocket problem-solver for your self, career, and relationships: Your DIY therapist, career coach, and relationship counselor in one. Hundreds of scientific studies. 9 comprehensive Missions. 5 mins a day. A complete pocket problem-solver for work, love, LIFE: 100% of therapy at 1% the time and price.


Frustrated with a colleague? Facing a big decision? Fighting with your significant other? Live more intelligently. Don’t just calm stress or anxiety. Learn to solve the root cause of these problems by digging deep with a practical and powerful all-in-one tool.


Developed by a hedge fund investor, LIFE puts the rigor of stock research into your daily decisions, goals, and conflicts. Our two-part system includes practical short-term solutions plus lasting long-term lessons. For immediate needs, our instant therapy, coaching, and relationship counseling snippets help you navigate situations in minutes. For long-term learning, our comprehensive course helps you scientifically manage stress and anxiety, improve work productivity, and build lasting relationships. For context, meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) comprise less than 1% of our content.


“A spiritual rehabilitator.”

“I wish I’d had this 20 years ago.”

“The most coherent leadership course I’ve seen.”

“Changed my 7-year marriage.”

“Worth thousands of dollars of therapy and many more hours.”

“Uncovered issues I didn’t know I had.”




(1) REACTIVE: An Immediate Problem-Solving Solution


Anxious before a meeting? Click through our grounding exercise. Overwhelmed with tasks? Use our project management frameworks to make goals manageable. Afraid of confrontation? Plan hard conversations beforehand with our 7-step walk-through. Whether rejected, resentful, or enraged, LIFE’s immediate coping and communication exercises help you handle every situation with ease.


“Helped me navigate difficult situations with scientifically-proven methods."


(2) PROACTIVE: A Comprehensive Self-Development Course


Mental health, work productivity, and relationships are inextricably linked. While most apps only address one silo, LIFE covers it all. Each morning, we send you a 5-minute lesson. Grow in 9 core areas, curated with thoughtful flow:


1 Build mental agility and emotional management skills

2 Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence

3 Discover values, set goals, track habits

4 Minimize regret and manage time

5 Make difficult decisions, avoid mental biases, determine direction

6 Manage stress, social support, and friendships

7 Understand attraction, attachment, dating and relationships

8 Practice communication, persuasion, and conflict resolution

9 Lead, influence, and motivate a team


“Goes beyond single lessons from coaching or therapy and gives a broader set of knowledge and tools.”




“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” (Benjamin Franklin) LIFE’s unique introspective method “sticks longer than if simply handed to you,” turning you into your own best therapist or coach.




Did you know? Scientists can predict divorce with 90% accuracy. Why don’t we learn marriage counseling topics until it’s too late? Every Friday, we send you conversation starters to deepen your relationships with real talk. This feature, along with many others, is free forever. Share your LIFE insights with loved ones: because friends help friends live more intelligent, fulfilling lives.

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