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Life Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Life Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

by Ehtesham Haider

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  • Life Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • Life Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • Life Of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Life of Prophet PBUH is an iOS App covering the full biography of Muhammad PBUH. Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet of Allah (Rasool Allah) which is why it is obligatory for every Muslim to know every aspect of his life. Through this smart app, you will be able to learn Muhammad’s Sunnah (Seerat un Nabi S.A.W) which is the only way to be closer to Allah and is possible only when you know History of Muhammad and his seerat well.

Following are some of the prominent Features of this Excellent Application:

13 Chapters
Life of Prophet Muhammad App promises you the full info about Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in 13 chapters. These chapters include:

Introduction: Learn Who is Muhammad S.A.W

Seerah: Covers info about Names, Titles, Appearance and Character of Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H

Life events: This chapter covers all the life events ever happened in His life from birth to departure.

Parents: Know about the parents and nurses who brought him up.

Wives: This chapter describes each one of Muhammad’s wife in detail and their relationship with Him.

Children: Covers a brief info about His Children.

Relatives: In times of difficulties, few people stood for Muhammad PBUH and were many in his relatives who left him. This chapter has it all covered.

Friends: When all left Muhammad no one but friends (Sahaba) helped him like Abu BAKAR (RA), Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Bilal and so many others.

Interesting Stories: This chapter covers the most interesting Islamic stories and events from the life of Prophet S.A.W.

Hadith Nawawi: This chapter contains 40 Hadith (Ahadith) collection compiled by Imam Nawawi.

Letters: The chapter features the letters written by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W for different purposes

Family Tree: Track down of Prophet Muhammad biography and his family lineage (Shajra e Nasab).

Glossary and References: Meanings to difficult Arabic words and translation.

Revive a Sunnah Notification: The peerless part is reviving Muhammad saw Sunnah. Small message templates that will help you to contemplate and implement Muhammad Sunnah in daily lives.

Other features include:
1) Bookmark your favorite page for quick access
2) Settings options for easy customization
3) Share any of the topics that you have liked the most on social media.

Download this app of Life of Muhammad and help yourself in following Muhammad’s Sunnah precisely.

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