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Lil Muslim World - Kids Islamic Package

Lil Muslim World - Kids Islamic Package

by Rizwan Ali

  • Lil Muslim World - Kids Islamic Package
  • Lil Muslim World - Kids Islamic Package
  • Lil Muslim World - Kids Islamic Package

Lil Muslim is a complete package for Muslim kids to learn Islam as well as counting 123 and ABC. This app will help your kids in learning different set of daily activities.

Islamic Learning:
Islamic learning contains four different tools for the kids to learn basic Islam.

Kids Wudu:
This part of Islamic learning section is for teaching kids wudu. This section contains Wudu steps with illustrations for the kids to easily understand and learn the Islamic way to perform Wudu.

Kids Qaida:
A simple and interactive way to teach your kids Qaida. The section kids Qaida is Qurani Qaida for Muslim kids, which will be included in this app to provide easy learning for Muslim kids who cannot find an Arabic tutor.

Kids Surah:
Kids Surah learning will have short surahs of the Quran and it will help kids to learn and pronounce short Surahs of Quran. It will eventually lead them to learn these surahs by heart in a fun and interactive way.

Kids Dua:
Islamic Duas are provided in this section for Muslim kids to learn and memorize Islmaic Duas in easiest way. Word by word recitation, translation and transliteration of all Islamic Dua will help the kid to memorize and learn in easiest way.

Arabic Learning:
Arabic Tracing:
Arabic Tracing is an Islamic preschool learning section for Muslim kids to learn how to write Arabic alphabets. This section is quite a relief for the parents who do not find time to teach their kids Arabic alphabets.

Alphabet Matching:
Matching the alphabets is the test for the kids. The section will judge the kids how correctly they match the alphabets. 

Free Drawing:
Free Drawing is a drawing section included for the Kids who love to draw. Kids can easily organize their artwork with multiple option which they later can save.

Mini Games:
Mini games are added in this package for the kids to play and have fun.
• Find the Pair is an Islamic game to find and match the name 
of Islamic stuff.
• Robot Defense is a mini robot game in which the kid has to 
defend its robot from the monster coming towards it.
• Pingi Adventure in an adventure game in which the kid has to 
save Pingi from monster and reach home safely.
• Catch it Halal is an Islamic game in which the kid has to 
catch all the Halal items.

123 Learning:
If you want your child to learn how to count 123 this section is best for you. This section tells your kids how to write 123 by tracing and how to pronounce with the help of audios. Shape tracing and coloring is also included for the child to know the shapes such as square circle and etc.

ABC Learning:
ABC learning contains two sections ABC tracing and Alphabet matching. Abc tracing will help to improve writing skills of your child and alphabet matching will be the test for the kids that how much they understand English alphabets.

Download this complete package for your kids and make them best practicing Muslims and a human being. Do drop in your feedback and rate us

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