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LinkWall: Scan Website Online

13 Apr 2024 App Of The Day

LinkWall: Scan Website Online

by Curizic Technologies

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  • LinkWall: Scan Website Online
  • LinkWall: Scan Website Online
  • LinkWall: Scan Website Online
  • LinkWall: Scan Website Online
  • LinkWall: Scan Website Online
  • LinkWall: Scan Website Online

Mobile app to check & scan links for online security threats and protect against phishing scam websites.

Surf the web with confidence 🌐! LinkWall is your ultimate shield against the unpredictable dangers of the digital world. From harmful websites to stealthy phishing attacks, ensure your every click is a safe one.

Key Features of LinkWall:

🔎 Incognito Mode: Go undercover with our Integrated Incognito mode. Browse without leaving a trace, ensuring your online privacy is intact.

🤖 Web Scanner: Seamlessly check all links in the background, safeguarding you from lurking threats on compatible browsers blocking harmful websites.

📸 QR Scanner Security: Easily scan QR codes, ensuring the linked content is genuine and safe to explore.

🕵️‍♀️ Link Scanning: Every link you access gets an automatic safety check, keeping you shielded from scams, phishing, and harmful sites.

🔗 URL Shortener: Simplify long URLs into short & easy to remember links.

🌐 Website Checker: Before visiting any hyperlink, especially from emails or social platforms, get a quick safety assessment automatically in a fraction of a second.

💡 Why LinkWall?:
LinkWall is the best online internet security tool. From robust link protection to real-time threat detection and website virus scanner. Our goal is to create a safe online space, free from fraud and cyber threats.

Awesome Features Of LinkWall Internet Security:

🔍 Link Checker & Insecure Link Blocker:
Enter a realm of safe online browsing. Our link scan and link check algorithms ensure you're shielded from phishing, scams, and malicious sites. Never worry about a website scammer or a virus link again.

🔗 URL Shortener:
Easily transform lengthy URLs into tinyurls or short URLs. Our advanced shortener even lets you customize for a unique, short URL.

📸 QR Protection:
Ever wondered if a QR code link is secure? Scan with confidence. We ensure that hidden website links in QR codes are devoid of threats.

🌐 Safe Surf:
Experience a new level of web security. Our system scans every link in the background. If you're about to click a fraud or phishing link, you'll be the first to know.

✂️ Link Extractor:
Extract all embedded links from chunks of text effortlessly.

⚠️ LinkWall Warning:
Click on any URL or link outside your browser, and we'll be there, ensuring it's not a link virus before any potential harm comes your way. Our link scanning algorithm also checks for URL redirects, following URL redirects to the destination webpage and blocking any potentially harmful websites along the way.

🛑 Adult Site Blocker:
Keep your browsing environment clean. Automatically block access to adult content sites, ensuring a safe and secure experience for all users.

🕶️ Incognito Browser:
Delve deep into the web securely. Block adult content, risky scripts, and potentially harmful networks, ensuring your safety and privacy.

🔎 Website Insights:
Peek into a website without visiting. Understand if it's filled with ads, malware, adult content, or even phishing threats at first glance.

📖 Article Reader with TTS:
Why visit a website when you can read its articles right here? With added TTS, listening to blogs becomes a breeze

🔗 Outbound Link Detector:
Every website has exits. Know where they lead with our tool that lists all links pointing outside

To maximize your protection, especially with our Site Blocker, you need to enable the Accessibility Service for LinkWall

Disclaimer on Accessibility Service:
Our use of the Accessibility Service is strictly to enhance your safety with the SafeSurf & Site Blocker feature. We respect your privacy, ensuring no collection or misuse of personal data.

While LinkWall uses cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms, always be vigilant. No tool can promise 100% threat detection. If a link feels off, trust your intuition

Support & Feedback:
For any query please reach out to our dedicated support team at support@curizic.com

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