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30 Apr 2017 App Of The Day


by Claude Newman

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We have created an AI called LKBL which can recognize attractiveness of your face and pictures and check how you fit together as a couple.

Realize which of your pictures are worth sharing and which you should rather keep for yourself. Find out what affects the results most and what is irrelevant. This is one of the first really working apps of this kind. The AI is based on the latest technology and it was trained on real human responses from all around the world.


  • Take a picture with your camera or load one from the phone gallery.
  • The application has two modes:
  • Just face - the app detects the face and focuses just on it, the results respond more to the face beauty, face expression, makeup, etc.
  • Full picture - the whole picture is analyzed - figure, hairstyle, clothes, background, lighting, picture quality, etc.
  • Couple analysis - try picture of you and you partner to find out how much you two fit together as a couple. Are you two the Perfect match?
  • Gender recognition - the application can recognize your gender, just check the color of your score.
  • Records - browse through your best and worst pictures easily.
  • Picture share - share your results to the world.
  • No Internet connection needed - the whole computation is done in your device, no photos are uploaded to any servers.

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