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Llama Money

Llama Money

by Mobiman

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>Llama Money is the bill tracker that does not track you. No bank or personal information needed. Answering the question "What Bills Do I Have Before payday" is at the heart of Llama Money. 


>Just create bills, set how often they occur, do the same with your paycheck and leave the rest to the Llama.


>There is no need to go through and update the due dates for everything every month. If your bill comes around monthly, just tell the Llama it is a monthly bill, and the due date will be automatically updated after you have paid it. On the Today tab you can easily see at a glance how much in bills you have before payday.


>**Fixed or Range Amount**

>Do your bills vary in their amount? No problem, you can create bills as a fixed or range amount.


>**Dark Mode**

>With full support for dark mode, Llama Money will look good no matter what color your coat. Some colors stay the same, others change, giving Llama two great looks.


>**Delete Or Mark as Paid**

>Did you pay a bill early or receive your paycheck early? You can manually mark a bill or income as paid or delete it by taping and holding.


>**One-Time Bills**

>Have a bill or income that is only going to happen once? Mark it as a one time thing, and after it comes due, instead of updating the due date, Llama Money will automatically delete it for you.


>**Customize Bill Updating**

>Don't want a bill's due date updated right away after its due date? No problem, visit the setting screen and set how many days you want a bill to allow to be overdue before Llama Money updates it for you.


>**Built In FAQ**

>The Llama thought you might have a few questions. If anything is unclear, just check out the built in FAQ section: Ask the Llama, or join the herd on Reddit.


>Privacy Policy and Disclaimer: https://elijahpatric.wixsite.com/portfolio/llamamoney


>Preview images were created using 'Previewed' at https://previewed.app

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