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27 Mar 2018 App Of The Day


by Claude Newman

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LogoLicious is the fast and easy solution to add your own logo, watermark, and text to your images. It's the perfect tool to personalize, promote and protect your pictures. Especially created for the 'quick let me post this' situations: Simply load your logo straight from your phone into the app; drag & drop it on top op your photo; and post your images online, on the go!

It is a time-saving and productivity app built and designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, photographers, tattoo artists, social media managers and influencers.

Simply load it, drag it, and drop it on top: Especially created for the 'on the road' situations. LogoLicious is the #1 mobile branding tool. A watermark app, 'logo adder' and 'text over photo' all in one - that allows you to customize your photos on the fly. Apply your branding on the fly.

Primary features
- Upload your own logo to the app (no size restrictions)
- Supports .png .gif and .jpg (logo)files
- EXIF data Embedded!
- Taking pictures with camera
- No resolution downgrade! LogoLicious matches your logo to the resolution of your photo
- Cropping your images
- Quick sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.
- 'Open with LogoLicious' function in every gallery
- Add your text, change color
- Choose from a variety of fonts
- Create templates! Save your previous setup (logo + text) as template for future images
- Add a protective snap-on X-grid on top of any image with just 1 click
- Change the transparency of your logo, to create your own watermark
- Rename your image
- Add and Save multiple logos
- Easy access to your uploaded logos
- Perfect Alignment > Level your logo or text to horizon (+0º )
- Rotate your logo or text 90º
- Save as high resolution .png; high quality .jpg or opt for a lower quality .jpg

LogoLicious is made by creatives, for creatives: No fuss, no muss: Add your own logo (png/gif/jpg), hashtag or handle to your images in a matter of seconds.

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