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by Claude Newman

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Get your life back with Loq. You will have the power to select which apps to lock ("Loq") and for which days and times. This powerful app will help you reduce unproductive device time and enjoy the real world again.

What happens when you try to use an app that is enabled with a Loq? Our patent-pending technology will prevent you from using the specific application. If you *still* want to use that app, we've allowed a "penalty" option to use that app for one minute by either paying a small fee or watching a video ad.

We also have a kid-mode, so you can lock the editing Dashboard with a PIN code so they can't change a Loq on their own. We've also rolled out a handy One-time Loq for those times you just need a quick Loq for a day. We hope this application allows you to become less addicted to your device and more engaged with activities that enrich your life.

Thanks and enhance your #LifeWithLoq!

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