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Magic Roulette

15 Oct 2016 App Of The Day

Magic Roulette

by PeaceDaBall

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Magic roulette can remind you of decision ball. It is available for Android ran devices now and its weight is only 29 Mb! The link to download absolutely for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.peacedaball.magicrulette

There are 4 different roulettes for now which include:

* Simple decision roulette

This decision maker lets you to ask questions usually starting with "Shoul I...?" "Should I go for a walk today?", "Should I move abroad?", "Should I take vacations in Thailand?" and so on. Try it out yourself and let the roulette help you with so many questions which constantly run in our heads.

* What to eat roulette

Do you feel like having a snack but you can't really decide what to go for? No worries. Just give "what to eat" roulette a spin and it will give you a valuable advice on what is best for you right now.

* Where to go for weekend roulette

Sometimes we hesitate when try to decide which place to choose in order to feel better or relax. It may give you some surprising ideas and who knows what kind of opportunities it may bring to your life! Where to go for weekend roulette is a decision making tool to distract yourself from daily routine! Have fun:)

* Love or no Love roulette

Flowers around us are so beautiful and a lot of people know that they can guess at someone's love by picking daisy-petals. It is autumn now and you can hardly find daisies on the fields but it's not a problem as far as this fortune teller now is available straight on your Android device!

Updates are already planned and going to be life pretty soon. The next one as you can guess is Halloween roulette with variety of characters to chose from! Coming very very soon!

It's fun and it's free!

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