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Maquillaje de ojos

Maquillaje de ojos

by Miguel Guevara

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  • Maquillaje de ojos
  • Maquillaje de ojos
  • Maquillaje de ojos
  • Maquillaje de ojos

The most complete makeup course you can find! There are 42 lessons full of illustrations, graphics, full color diagrams!

We know that the gaze is one of the most powerful attractions.

Beautiful eyes make the road to conquest much easier, but also in the case of girls it is possible to make them stand out even more with a good makeup.

However, many women do not know where to start, what kind of shades to choose or how to make them look bigger.

That's why in this application we explain how to make up your eyes by helping you with some secrets so that they stand out, teaching you to combine in a better way the color palette for powder and cream shadows.

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