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Mark camera: Photo Timestamp

22 Feb 2023 App Of The Day

Mark camera: Photo Timestamp

by Master Apps Lab

  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp
  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp
  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp
  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp
  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp
  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp
  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp
  • Mark camera: Photo Timestamp

Use the Mark camera: Photo Timestamp app to take high-quality pictures and videos, it is a simple app that lets you stamp date, time, and place on your photos and videos.

Lock all your memories and moments with a date and time stamp watermark on your beautiful photos and videos captured with the Mark camera: Photo Timestamp

This date-time location app also includes the various date and time formats, as well as the current address, which gets automatically fetched when you take or record any video or photo at any location you're visiting or traveling with your watermark camera.

People who prefer to capture and film their travel journeys, as well as those who wish to follow their children's growth from childhood, can use the app to capture those moments with a current date, time, and location watermark on the pictures.

Add GPS coordinates to your video and photos no matter what industry you're working in; this app supports a wide range of fieldwork duties, including security, construction, land, home services, advertising, and even families, you can choose from a variety of date and time formats to suit your needs. Furthermore, while working on more than one project, see the working pictures at each site by capturing them with the GPS coordinates stamped on them, with an exact date and time stamped on them.

Interesting Features:

● Record and click with date, time, and location stamp, watermarked on it
● Add your logo to the watermark image or video you captured and stamp it
● Insert a date and time stamp, in various formats
● Turn On/Off-Camera Click sounds
● Toggle on/off Front-facing camera with mirror
● Add GPS coordinates of your location automatically and manual
● Use front and back-end cameras to capture any photo or video

Why you should have a Mark camera: Photo Timestamp camera?

● Add GPS location stamps and adjust stamp position on photos and videos
● Record videos any time with GPS coordinates stamp on it
● In-app support for your issues
● Organize and create custom folders with different names to save your capture images and recordings
● Measure angles in a clockwise direction using azimuth
● Take a picture and add details such as location, area code, GPS coordinates also add notes if required. Simply by using the templates and stamp them on the picture or video
● Mark camera can be used as an attendance tracker, while you go for school trips

Who can use Mark camera: Photo Timestamp camera app

● Those supervisors who are in charge of working on different construction sites can take full advantage by adding a logo, subject, location, area, azimuth, details regarding air quality, and the contractor's and workers' names to the photo within.
● Those who work in Security, that person may simply automatically add the current location stamp and details such as date, time, location, and area where they are patrolling.
● Travelers and explorers can stamp details such as exact date, time, location as well as GPS details like latitude, longitude, altitude, the temperature on a photo.
● Engineers can stamp their own logo, add project name, add the position of their site, and attach custom notes on the picture, which will save a lot of time.
● Those in charge of outdoor shoots and events may use the app to count their crew by simply stamping the current date and time and name of the individual and just snap the photo.
● People who work in transportation, education, offices, business, real estate, merchandise sales, and other industries can benefit greatly from the use of the mark camera.

With your Mark camera, video stamp and capture some memorable videos and photographs. Store, share, and enjoy those captured memories with your friends and family forever.

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