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Medicine Reminder App

01 Apr 2021 App Of The Day

Medicine Reminder App

by Systweak Software

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  • Medicine Reminder App
  • Medicine Reminder App
  • Medicine Reminder App
  • Medicine Reminder App
  • Medicine Reminder App

To stay healthy and to reduce the risk of adverse health events, adhering to the medicine timetable is a must. Yet due to our busy schedule or forgetfulness, 50% of the world’s population fails to take their prescribed medicine. Owing to this, Systweak has designed an app called Medicine Reminder.
Using this Medicine Reminder App for Android, patients and their families can keep track of medications, doctor's appointments, add reports, and spend more time living rather than keeping an eye on the clock.

In addition to this, the Medicine Reminder app has a preloaded list of common diseases and ailments under the Reports tab. This makes the bifurcation of reports easy.
• Medicine Reminder and medication notifications
• Pre-defined disease list for ease of use (diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, arthritis etc.)
• One place to manage medication reminder
• Flexible scheduling
• Appointment reminders
• Allows adding a prescription image or take pictures
• Repeat pill alter
• Customizable Medicine Reminder notifications
• Add Reports and disease selection
How to use the Medicine Reminder App?
Using the Medicine Reminder app is simple. To use it follow the steps below:
1. Download and install the Medicine Reminder app from the Play Store.
2. Launch Medicine Reminder app.
3. Tap Create Profile and enter patient details like name, gender, age, height, weight, and so on.
4. Once done click Save.
Note: You can Skip both the steps by tapping Skip.
5. Thereafter, tap + icon, enter patients and pill details.
6. To get reminders, tap Add reminder time > Click on Add Reminder button.
7. Next by tapping the Appointments tap you can set Appointment. To do so, tap + icon.
8. Thereafter, enter Doctor’s name, phone number, email address, doctor’s address, description > Set Reminder Date-Time > Click on Set Reminder button.
9. Add Reports by tapping, Add reports tab
10. Enter patient name, gender, age, height, weight, other details, and images > tap Done.
That's it now you will get Medicine Reminders and notifications at a scheduled time.

What makes the Medicine Reminder app different from other apps?
The Medicine Reminder app gives you peace of mind so that you can focus on other things. It is one of the best medication trackers that helps to stay in control of your health. Moreover, you can take your medication timely and ensure each family member takes it on time.
It also allows you to add reports, set appointments, and stay healthy.

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