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Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner


  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory Cleaner
  • Memory Cleaner

Memory cleaner and optimizer is the best free utility for Android to boost Ram, cleaning cache and optimize an Android system.

Our app allows Android phone users to optimize the system's performance from A to Z. 

Whether it's cache cleaner or boosting the over all Android system by removing junk files and clearing memory from useless apps loaded behind..

Memory booster is the best free utility to maximize Android performance indeed, often you are notified of unsufficient space while trying to install a new app,even you know there should be capacity in your phone and external memory card. These are the junks and useless apps occupying your phone memory which can easily be found and removed by using our memory cleaner, ram booster and phone optimizer app for Android.

Features and Tools:

​​​​► Ram ​Booster:
​Tap one touch Boost button to:
a. Kill the running​ ​process​es
b. Cleaning memory
c. Freeing phone cache

So with the help of Ram cleaner you can have more free space to install more apps and also run your phone battery longer than ever before.

Analytics also informs, when did you last boost your Android Phone and how much bytes were cleaned from your phone memory.

​►​ ​Task Clean​​er​​:
a. Tap Tasks option from options​.
b. Select the tasks you want to clean up.
c. Touch Clean Tasks button to remove selected tasks from memory.

​►Ram Cleaner also keeps your privacy safe and secure by scrubbing personal info from your device.

​►Ram Cleaner automatically improves your phone speeds by 30% when launching the apps.

*****Users Feedback appreciated:
Please feel free to tell us what you like and don’t like about our app Ram Cleaner via support email. If you love our app please Rate it and Share with friends to let them run their android devices smoothly.

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