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Mental Power

28 Sep 2023 App Of The Day

Mental Power

by Mental Power

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Mental Power brings together 3 simple yet powerful tools to improve your life and that of your loved ones, by training you in the systematic and sustainable practice of globally recognized concepts to unlock the infinite power of your mind and use it to your advantage, enhancing any aspect of your life.
Whether you want to reduce stress, turn problems into opportunities, control addictions, practice mindfulness to enjoy every moment more fully, improve your relationships, or your physical and mental health, everything you desire can be achieved through the synergistic use of the three tools, with which you will achieve the reprogramming of your Subconscious mind, the focus of your Conscious mind, and the incorporation of good and better Habits.
Remember that your reality is created by your beliefs and thoughts. If you improve your thoughts, you improve your mental and emotional state, thus:
- You will respond more appropriately to the different situations of life.
- You will enjoy everything around you more.
- You will attract everything you want into your life.
As a result, you can definitely create, change, or improve your reality.
But to improve your thoughts, you must first reprogram your mind.
In our app, you can find answers to the questions you may have about how your mind works and what to do to reprogram it.
Mental Power has summarized and simplified these concepts to present them in the most accessible way possible, grouped into the 3 aspects that the app uses to successfully reprogram your mind: SUBCONSCIOUS - CONSCIOUS - HABITS.
Through technology, this pillar facilitates self-suggestion through routines consisting of the systematic repetition of affirmations and visualizations, i.e., phrases and mental images that describe your goal in its achieved state. Gradually, your neuronal structure will be modified to store your new programming, thus engraving it in your subconscious mind.
The routines of repeating affirmations and visualizations are like planting the right seeds in the ground, i.e., in your subconscious mind, but keep in mind that if the rest of the day you keep your conscious mind focused on the opposite, it will be like permanently digging up the seeds you planted in your subconscious mind.
The routines for reprogramming your subconscious and the focus of your conscious mind will motivate you to incorporate new and better habits. Imagine your achievements if you could also have a tool that organizes, motivates, and constantly helps you acquire the discipline required to ensure and make all your wishes come true.
Take charge of your headspace and mental health, get better sleep and insights on your overall habits of health with Mental Power.
With Mental Power we find a fabulous way to track your mental health progress!
Build your own meditation playlists, repeat affirmations, and develop habits of health.
By completing daily “I am positive affirmations”, meditating and getting measurable insights on your health habits, you can map out a plan to strengthen your mental health.
With Mental Power’s habit tracker, sticking to a daily routine that serves your higher self has never been easier.
With simple practices such as meditation, positive affirmations, Mental Power can bring your mental health to the next level.
Simply log on daily to Mental Power’s habit tracker and schedule planner to track your daily positive habits that will help you thrive.
Mental Power will be your daily routine planner and will provide you with good meditation practices, daily affirmations and fabulous mental focus to perform throughout your day, which then you can track and measure, in order to be more mindful of your mental health and state.
With Mental Power’s habit tracker, you too can practice and measure self care in a successful way.
Start the change today, with the application that will help you be and feel better.

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