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Message To Unknown Number

26 Jul 2022 App Of The Day

Message To Unknown Number

by Systweak Software

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  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
  • Message To Unknown Number
Are you looking for an Android app that can help you send a WhatsApp message without saving someone’s number? If you’re curious to know how you can start a WhatsApp conversation with any random number, that’s not saved in your Phonebook? Well, your hunt for such a utility ends here!
Meet ‘Message To Unknown Number’ – A simple & easy to use tool designed for your favorite WhatsApp messenger to send one or bulk messages to any number that is not even saved in your contact list. As basic as it sounds, but since there’s no official workaround to send WhatsApp texts to unsaved numbers, our intuitive application ‘Message To Unknown Number’ can become your go-to solution!
HIGHLIGHTS: Let’s see how this application can make your instant messaging experience faster!
● Simple, Fast & Easy-to-use
● Classic Interface
● Smooth navigation
● Quickly message to any number without saving it in your Address Book
● Send texts to anyone just by knowing its number & country code
● Loaded with Tutorial (To learn how to use the app)
● Lightweight & free from Ads
● Doesn’t affect battery performance
● Doesn’t require any Accessibility permission to work
● Free Android application designed for your favorite WhatsApp Messenger
How Message To Unknown Number App Works?
Step 1- Install & launch Message To Unknown Number on your device.
Step 2- You’ll be guided with a quick tutorial to learn how the app works.
Step 3- Enter the mobile number with country code (without using + sign) to whom you want to send the text on WhatsApp.
Step 4- You’ll be automatically redirected to WhatsApp with their chat window open.
Step 5- ‘Hello’ appears as the default message on the chat screen. You can type your own message & hit the Send button.
Super quick & easy to use right? Well, that was our ultimate reason to develop such an application that eases your process & you can swiftly message someone without saving their number!
Download & Share Your Feedback Below!

Disclaimer: The app is not related to or sponsored by WhatsApp!

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