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Mileage Tracker by Tripbook

19 Oct 2023 App Of The Day

Mileage Tracker by Tripbook

by Tripbook

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  • Mileage Tracker by Tripbook
  • Mileage Tracker by Tripbook
  • Mileage Tracker by Tripbook
  • Mileage Tracker by Tripbook
  • Mileage Tracker by Tripbook

Tripbook, the mileage tracking app that makes it easy to keep track of your car trips and save on taxes or easily submit expense reports. Tripbook is completely free up to 20 trips per month. Whether you're a freelancer, employee, or someone who wants to track their trips, Tripbook is the solution.


With Tripbook's advanced motion and location tracking technology, it automatically detects when you're driving and records your trips automatically. You don't have to worry about manually tracking your trips.




▶ AUTOMATIC TRIP DETECTION: Advanced motion and location tracking technology to automatically detect and track your car journeys without the need for manual intervention.


▶ EASY TRIP CLASSIFICATION: Classifying your trips is a breeze. You can easily categorize trips as zakelijk, privé, or woon-werkverkeer (business, personal, or commuting) with a simple swipe, streamlining your mileage management.


▶ INTUITIVE INTERFACE: Designed to seamlessly integrate with the user interface and functionalities of iOS.


▶ FREE TILL 20 TRIPS PER MONTH: Tripbook offers a free plan that allows you to track up to 20 trips per month without any cost. It's a great option for individuals with moderate mileage tracking needs.


▶ COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING: Generate detailed reports (XLS, CSV or PDF) of your trips with Tripbook. The app provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your travel patterns and mileage for tax purposes or expense reimbursement.


▶ ICLOUD BACKUP: Allows you to backup and sync your trip data across multiple devices when logged in with the same Apple ID. Your trip history remains accessible and up to date, even if you switch devices.


▶ DARK AND LIGHT MODE: Dark and Light mode options, allowing you to customize the app's appearance to suit your preference or adapt to different lighting conditions.


▶ ALLOWANCES SETTINGS: You can set allowances for business or commuting trips.


So if you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to track your car trips, download Tripbook today. And if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at info@tripbook.io.

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