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by Claude Newman

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MindPills podcast app is the mental solution for tackling acute or emerging pain, for relaxation, for improved health and for a positive change in awareness. It will help you permanently reduce tension and find new energy and inner peace.

- The MindPills app, which has been developed with great passion and will be developed continually, is intuitive and easy to use.
- Suitable for beginners and experienced meditation / hypnosis users
- Free trial app
- Top quality recordings in a professional recording studio
- A wide range of topics of varying duration and therefore suitable for relaxation sessions of different lengths
- Off-line availability
- Various languages availability

We live in an extremely stressful time. The hustle and bustle of everyday life and pressure on us to perform can be felt in different ways. If symptoms of stress do occur, they are mostly treated or alleviated with all sorts of pills. With these relaxation meditations, we are returning to the original energy field of self-healing and tranquility. With regular use, the effect and the level of relaxation will increase, so that you can be more effective and so that things run smoothly.

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