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Mission Pterosaurs

Mission Pterosaurs

by Chimpfin Apps

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  • Mission Pterosaurs
  • Mission Pterosaurs
  • Mission Pterosaurs

An alienated mountain valley in a distant island has been noticed to be inhabited by extinct flying reptiles of prehistoric era, Pterosaurs.

It all starts with some eggs. Eggs hatch to give birth to young pterosaurs.

Young pterosaurs run around the valley to explore it until they find a suitable place to lay eggs. Each pterosaur lays maximum of two eggs. Upon laying of eggs, a pterosaur acquires wings and starts flying.

A flying pterosaur is dedicated to protect its eggs and young ones. It also knows how to tackle danger.

You are assigned with the task to destroy every single pterosaur on the island, including eggs.

A flying pterosaur can attack you as soon as it notices you.

It's always difficult to fight the deadly beast.

You have a fighter jet to your rescue and to kill your targets.

You win gems with every destruction you make as follows:
Egg : 1000 gems
Running pterosaur : 700 gems
Flying pterosaur : 500 gems.

You can use gems to get better jets and fill your arsenal with better missiles.

Completing a mission unlocks a more challenging mission.

You also receive awards for your bravery, intelligence, determination, etc.


Game Features :

  • simple and easy interface.
  • no ads on menu and game-play screens.
  • good graphics and sound quality.
  • a lot of unlockable assets.
  • watch video to obtain free gems.
  • extremely challenging and addictive.

Have fun!!

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