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Mobile Packages Pakistan

Mobile Packages Pakistan

by Nilesh Studio

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  • Mobile Packages Pakistan
  • Mobile Packages Pakistan
  • Mobile Packages Pakistan
  • Mobile Packages Pakistan
  • Mobile Packages Pakistan
  • Mobile Packages Pakistan
  • Mobile Packages Pakistan
  • Mobile Packages Pakistan

Good news for all Pakistani mobile users is that the application “Mobile Packages Pakistan” contains all the information of all types of packages including all networks which are Jazz/Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor, Zong and as well as Broadband in Pakistan.

You can Subscribe and Unsubscribe all packages with just one click without remembering codes of each package.


Call Packages:

  • Jazz/Mobilink Call packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Telenor Call packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Ufone Call packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Zong Call packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).


SMS Packages:

  • Jazz/Mobilink SMS packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Telenor SMS packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Ufone SMS packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Zong SMS packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).


3G/4G/Internet Packages:

  • Jazz/Mobilink 3G/4G/Internet packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Telenor 3G/4G/Internet packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Ufone 3G/4G/Internet packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Zong 3G/4G/Internet packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).


All in One Packages:

  • Jazz/Mobilink All in One package (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Telenor All in One package (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Ufone All in One package (Prepaid/Postpaid).
  • Zong All in One package (Prepaid/Postpaid).


Broadband Packages:

  • Jazz/Mobilink Broadband packages (Prepaid/Postpaid)
  • Telenor Broadband packages (Prepaid/Postpaid).



  • Balance Share

By the help of this Application, you can Share Balance at your fingertips, even you don’t need to remember codes for Balance sharing. You can share balance to listed Networks.

  • Ufone to Ufone.
  • Telenor to Telenor.
  • Zong to Zong.
  • Jazz/Mobilink to Jazz/Mobilink.


  • Card Load

Another interesting and useful feature of this application is you just need to enter your card number in the Card Load box of the application and your Card will be loaded, without entering * and #. And even you don’t need to remember codes of Card Load of any Network available in Pakistan. You can Load following Cards with the help of this application.

  • Ufone Card Load
  • Zong Card Load
  • Telenor Card Load
  • Jazz/Mobilink Card Load


  • Take Advance

This wonderful application will take the loan for the respective Network whichever you are using. And for this you don’t need to enter codes this will application do for you. You can take advance in following Networks.

  • Ufone take advance
  • Zong take advance
  • Telenor take advance
  • Jazz/Mobilink take advance


  • Check SIM Number

Another most beneficial function of this application is that sometimes a user forgets his/her own number and even he doesn’t remember the code for knowing his number. By installing this application, he doesn’t need to remember the codes for knowing the SIM number. You can know SIM numbers of mentioned Networks.

  • Ufone check number
  • Zong check number
  • Telenor check number
  • Jazz/Mobilink check number


  • Helpline

By downloading this application contacting helpline of the respective network will be one click away

  • Jazz/Mobilink helpline
  • Telenor helpline
  • Ufone helpline
  • Zong helpline


  • Balance check

You can check balance, check remaining MBs, check remaining minutes, check remaining SMS and expiry date of the Subscribed packages by just one click



Why you should download this app…??

  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Keeps you updated
  • Latest packages of 2021
  • Search option by Duration, Volume, Amount, Activation code and Deactivation code.
  • No need of internet while using application
  • Take little space on your mobile
  • Notification on every new package and on every new SIM



This app is intended for informational purpose only. If you require any information or have any questions about our app, please feel free to contact us by email at kumarraam661@gmail.com
Keep your support and love so that we can provide best of our services.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Download and enjoy :)

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