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Money Manager - Kakebo - Asset Management App

Money Manager - Kakebo - Asset Management App

by Consagous Technologies

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  • Money Manager - Kakebo - Asset Management App

Money manager – Kakebo is a complete asset management solution suite, It gives you an intuitive and easy to understand money management interface. Kakeko has been build with proven cutting-edge technologies to enable the users to track, monitor, and organize their transaction records conveniently in the form of chart and graphs.

  1. It is a money manager to save your money!
  2. It is simple, you have just to tap on the calendar date and enter income and expenses.
  3. It is simple and easy to understand because you can check the registered contents by the calendar date.
  4. There aren’t complicated operation, so it’s easy to use.
  5. Very helpful.
  6. You can also customize your design (background and font)

Recommended if you think:

  1. I want to save shopping
  2. I want to save money
  3. I want to know details of monthly expenses
  4. I want to save money
  5. I want to reduce wastefulness

What you can do with the application

Revenue management 
Calendar display function
Graph display function
Household account book management
List monthly income and expenditure and manage it easily
Pie chart with easy-to-understand spending details
Budget setting function

You can pay to have a version without advertising forever!

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