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Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App

30 Dec 2023 App Of The Day

Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App

by Moon Apps

  • Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App
  • Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App
  • Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App
  • Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App
  • Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App
  • Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App
  • Moon Dialer: WiFi Calling App

Moon Dialer is a ground-breaking Free VoIP & WiFi Calling App with excellent call quality and essential features. Whether making personal calls or running a multinational business, Moon Dialer offers essential features to simplify your communication needs.

Users can make calls using their existing phone number as their Caller ID and save up to 90% on international calls without requiring an actual SIM card. The software syncs with your contact book without a hitch, enabling safe and compelling conversation.

Moon Dialer also provides Unlimited International Calls free of cost, enabling customers to communicate with friends, clients, and coworkers anywhere globally. The software ensures a top-notch network, enabling regular international business conversations to be carried out successfully and successfully. Call recording, scheduling, and forwarding are other functions that make it a vital tool for businesses and organizations.

Users can utilize the QR Connect feature to create QR Codes that secretly control incoming calls without revealing their phone numbers. Customers can access communication data from numerous Apple devices with Moon Dialer's seamless iCloud Sync, available at all times and anywhere. 

Additional features of Moon Dialer include WiFi and cellular network support, auto-dialing, no roaming charges, disposition management, synchronization with the Contact App, auto-call scheduling, unlimited call recording, and importing contacts from CSV files. Moon Dialer also provides a complete call history for research.

Who uses the Moon Dialer?

Moon Dialer caters to individuals and businesses, providing a versatile solution for international calling. Stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues, or easily manage your business communications using Moon Dialer. It is available on the App Store and Mac App Store. 



  • Free High-Quality VoIP Calling

  • SIM-Free Calling

  • Caller ID Flexibility

  • Easy Contact Book Sync

  • Enhanced Security

  • Unlimited International Calls

  • Cost Savings

  • High-Quality Network

  • Call Recording Feature

  • Advanced Call Scheduling

  • Call Forwarding

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