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MTA Animals

30 Dec 2016 App Of The Day

MTA Animals

by My Toddlers App, LLC

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Experts agree, as their toddlers 1st teacher, family involvement is critical in early childhood development. Then why would you give up your teacher role to a cartoon character on an iPad App?

“My Toddlers App’s” allow families to customize the app to their toddler and then control, create and host the content, maintaining their 1st teacher status on an iPad.

MTA ANIMALS allows the family to choose from over 40 animals to present to their Toddler. The family’s voice will tell their Toddler how to spell the animals name while it displays across the screen one letter at a time. Once the audio completes the Toddler is invited to touch the animal to hear the sound they make.

*customize to your toddler
*add over 40 animals
*each animal has a unique sound
*toddler can touch the animal picture over and over to hear the sound
*Parents and Family stay as the 1st teacher

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