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Muharram photo Frames

Muharram photo Frames

by Dlux Mobile

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Celebrate Hussain and all his supporters in your prayers as well as their heroism with our religious picture frames – all you need to do is to take an amazing pic and create magic with your fingers as you admire “Muharram Photo Frames”.We bring you many breath taking background images from the “Muslim culture” depicting the glorious “Battle of Karbala” to decorate your HD images and turn your pics into art with the most stunning photo effects. Step into the city of Karbala during the greatest battle in history with one of the best free apps for Android™, “Muharram Photo Frames”, that allows you to rotate, scale, zoom in or out, or drag images.

Be reminded to fast not only during Ramadan but also during the sacred month of Muharram every time you look at the beautiful pictures on your smartphone or tablet! Ashura 2017 is just around the corner! “Ashura images” depicting the martyrdom of Husain and the bravery of other fighters will make you proud of being a Muslim – just get this free download and frame your pics on the most significant date in “Islamic culture” and history! “Allah is One”!

What You can do with "Muharram Photo Frames":

✔ You can design your photos within our HD Muharram Photo Frames.
✔ Photos can be selected from Gallery or you can click new photos.
✔ You can choose Frames from our HD collection of Muharram Photo Frames.
✔ You can move photos with in Muharram photo editor to fit them nicely.
✔ Application also support zooming in and out photos with Muharram photo app.
✔ You can save the newly designed photos in your collection, application will maintain an history of your designed your photos.
✔ From with the application you can share the Muharram photo editor designed photos with your Family, Teachers and Friends using popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google +

How to use " Photo Frames 2018":

✔ Launch the "Muharram photo editor" app.
✔ Select your photo from gallery or click new photo.
✔ Select a Muharram photo app to design with.
✔ Move your photo or zoom in-out to fit the photo with in frame for nice look.
✔ You can save, share or set wallpaper using buttons in below bar.
✔ You can access your designed Photo Frames using My photo option in home screen.

Muharram photo app for Android is now here, ready to take you to the wonderful trip that will show you the paradise of the earth. Keep your memories safe with these wonderful and unique picture frames with Muharram themes.

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