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Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Dua & Azkar

Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Dua & Azkar

by Ehtesham Haider

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  • Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Dua & Azkar
  • Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Dua & Azkar
  • Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Dua & Azkar
  • Muslim Dua Now – Islamic Dua & Azkar

Muslim Dua Now is an Islamic Smartphone application consisting of almost all the major Islamic Duas which are divided into 18 major Dua & Azkar Categories. It serves as a purpose of letting the Muslim community all over the world know about highly useful supplications which one can benefit from in various daily life instances. 

Some of the exclusive characteristics of this mobile phone app are:

i) Translation: Changes meaning of Arabic text into English for proper interpretation.

ii) Transliteration: Shows the actual way of pronunciation of Islamic Duas by displaying Arabic transcript in English as it is.

iii) Audio Recitation: One can also listen to these Duas through this option.

iv) Dua Categories: The entreaties are split into 18 major Duas Categories which are discussed in brief below:

a) Morning/Evening: It consists of prayers regarding matters like Before Sleeping, Dua during Restless Sleep, Dua for Morning and Evening etc.

b) Restroom: Supplications for entering and leaving the restroom are given.

c) Prayer: Tells about Duas related to ablution, mosque, after prayer etc.

d) Eat/Drink: Informs about issues concerned with meal and drink like invocation for hose, before starting and after finishing meal etc.

e) Dressing: Contains Duas connected to 3 manners of dressing like new clothes, getting dressed and undressed.

f) Travellling: Encloses supplications regarding 11 issues attributed to journey.

g) Family: Lets one know on the subject of 8 different family matters such as for newly wed, true belief of family etc.

h) Home: Notifies about Duas on searching for new house and going away from home for special task.

i) Blessings: Covers 15 special Duas for attaining Blessings of Allah SWT like visiting sick, praising other Muslims etc.

j) Protection: Comprises of supplications for gaining God`s shield from blowing wind and disturbance from Satan.

k) Forgiveness: Enlightens in relation to seeking the Almighty`s pardon on 13 different occasions, e.g. waking up at night, during gathering etc.

l) Fasting: Envelops 4 of the fasting matters like forgetting fast dua, breaking it, for family inviting and declining a food offer.

m) Hajj/Umrah: Tells about 5 Pilgrimage issues for example Dua at black stone and Jamarat etc.

n) Funeral/Grave: Matters like encouraging dying person to say Kalmah, closing eyes of dead etc.

o) 40 Rabbanas: This sub section includes 40 most effective Duas from the Holy Quran starting from Rabbana.

p) Animal: 5 supplications related to animal problems are given here like barking dog at night and hearing a rooster crow etc.

q) Rain: It incorporates three Duas like during, after and withholding of rain.

r) Random: 10 arbitrary Duas issues like against an enemy, when angry, after sneezing etc. are also available.

v) Play and Pause: Recitation of a particular request can be started and paused through these options.

vi) Counter: This attribute is concerned with counting a number of times one has recited a specific supplication like Set Counting Limit, Set Counting Behavior (Enable Auto-Repeat and Enable Manual Counter).

vii) Favorites: User can bookmark any particular Dua of its choice.

viii) Font Size can be adjusted on a scale of small, medium and large.

ix) Font Style: 2 kinds of unique print modes are also available.

x) Share choice lets one distribute the app over various sharing platforms.

Download this free and easily comprehensible Islamic application for now to benefit from reciting and memorizing useful Duas of daily life.

Beautiful Al-Duas for Muslim Kids (Supplications and Remembrances)

Available in English, Arabic.

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