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Muslim Globe - Prayer times, Quran, Azan & Qibla

Muslim Globe - Prayer times, Quran, Azan & Qibla

by Abdul Malik instaberry

  • Muslim Globe - Prayer times, Quran, Azan & Qibla

Muslim Globe - Prayer times, Quran, Azan & Qibla - the most accurate prayer time & azan application, with features the full Quran and audio recitations as well as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map Mosques.

Muslim Globe is an Android application, This Application will allow users to search Prayer times, Tasbikh, Quran, Azan, six Klamath, Qibla, Islamic Calander and Islamic Events like Eideen, Ramadan, etc. The Muslim Globe Application is accepted by more than 90 million Muslims around the whole world as the most accurate Prayer time, Azan, Qibla, Islamic Calander, and Islamic Events application. Through Muslim Globe Application you can find the location of Mosques and the location of Qabila Roh as well. 

Muslim Globe is a simple application that can be used to find Kabaa direction for Muslim prayer. This application needs Digital Compass and Qibla GPS sensor on your Smartphone to calculate the angle of your location to Kabaa position. Through this Application, you will get the right direction of Qibla anywhere in the world with a digital compass. This app will help you to give the Exit time of the Prayer Time of Every day. Muslim Globe app is the huge Collection of Masnoon Duain with Arabic and English and Urdu Translation. On These Masnoon Duain, we recite almost daily, so these Masnoon Duain should know every Muslim.

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