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Muslims Funeral

Muslims Funeral

by AK

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To spread knowledge about the full method of Funeral Bath, Funeral Prayer, and Burial, this “Muslims Funeral” mobile app has been introduced. In this application, you will discover the Islamic funeral process, Funeral Bath and, Funeral Prayer (Namaz e Janaza). Not only this, but you can also read many funeral supplications (Namaz e Janaza Dua).


Key Features Of The App:

  • This app has two languages, namely Urdu and English.
  • Content related to funeral bath, funeral burial and, funeral prayer in text, videos & animations, images.
  • You can also adjust the font size to suit your needs.
  • Through the “Contact Service” feature, you will get contact details of the DawateIslami representatives related to the funeral bath and burial process.
  • To help you, animated clips related to the funeral bath & burial process are also available so that you can understand the complete Funeral method.

Use this app and also convince others to use it.

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