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My talking Pillow

My talking Pillow

by Carla Crooks

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My Talking Pillow App is a sleep empowerment app created to help you sleep better and improve your health. They say mind is a very powerful thing. This app focuses on your subconscious mind, helps you to relax it and further enhance your thoughts with positive affirmations and motivation.

Eating right, exercising, healthy habits are important. And you also know the significance of a 7 to 8 hour of sleep. But how much attention do you pay whether you are getting that sound sleep? How many times do you have restless sleep? Can you ensure a healthy sleeping routine?

Yes! My Talking Pillow App is a sleep monitoring app dedicated to improve the quality of your sleep by creating an ambient sleep environment.

How it works?

So, you know the subconscious mind is never really sleeping. The reason when you feel tired even after an 8 hour sleep is your subconscious continuously working on your thoughts.

Through this app, you will select a motivational saying in either male or female voice from a list of category. Then you choose the background sound you wish. Once completed, you can just place the phone beside your pillow.      

The App utilizes the motion detection technique and targets your subconscious mind to build a restful sleep environment.

You can customize the settings to maximize the potential of the app, any motion during your sleep is detected and as per your predefined selection, it creates an environment that helps you better the sleep conditions. The system is so designed that these motivational sayings and sound will influence your subconscious mind positively during sleep.

And when you wake up, you feel relaxed. Gradually, you will notice enhanced quality of sleep and a recharged mind.

Install this sleep tracker App, improve the sleep quality and have various health benefits.

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