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MyLitBag is an IOS-based Ipad digital binder app that allows users to replace and share their physical binders of Legal documents with secure, password protected virtual litigation binders of PDF documents and case files. Designed by and for a litigator’s use, MyLitBag provides the same attributes & functionalities as creating and using a physical binder, such as PDF document markup, PDF document annotation, flipping between tabs in a binder, and flagging important pages for immediate reference, and it adds functionality with active internal “See” and “Nota Bene” reference links. Comes with free copies of the Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for you to use.


MyLitBag allows attorneys to practice at the highest level by providing a virtual library of binders and case files at their fingertips anywhere and at any time making MyLitBag the perfect legal document management app for attorneys.


MyLitBag makes the ideal document management app for law firms as it improves productivity, communication, saves time and its cost effective. A physical 3” binder can hold 600 pages and cost hundreds of dollars to compile, copy, or send to a colleague or client. A litigation bag can hold 4 binders and a case files up to 10 binders. Using MyLitBag, your iPad can hold the equivalent of thousands of password-protected legal document binders, that can be securely distributed in minutes, and you can lift it with two fingers.



• Digitally intuitive and easy to navigate

• Create tabbed binders with multiple documents and organize into case files

• Rearrange documents in existing binders and automatically renumber tabs

• Annotate PDFs by writing, highlighting, or typing in a variety of colors, fonts, and font sizes

• Easily navigate between documents using sequentially numbered tabs

• Flag pages and navigate to them with a single screen touch

• Create internal "See" references to link one page to another with a touch, or identify passages for future reference using the "Nota Bene" ("N.B.") link

• Send binders electronically

• Search by reference, case file, binder, or document and filter by N.B./See references, annotations, issue flags



• Display a Binder by single page or dual page

• Display a Binder as an open binder and flip through it or rearrange it just as you would with a physical binder

• Display your virtual library to easily find and select reference materials, case files, binders, or unfiled documents

Terms of Service : https://lfw.mylitbag.com/terms_and_condition

Privacy Policy : https://lfw.mylitbag.com/app_privacy_policy

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