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mymily - A Family App

10 Jan 2020 App Of The Day

mymily - A Family App

by mymily

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  • mymily - A Family App
  • mymily - A Family App
  • mymily - A Family App
  • mymily - A Family App


mymily - The Family App for Modern Families. Update all your family members about events or fun activities in an instant!

Now you don’t need to call up each person and hand over the good news - mymily does that for you! Quickly broadcast your status in an emergency and alert all your family members in one go. mymily completely streamlines the way you connect and interact with your family members in a virtual space! Download the family media app now and get started with building your family tree today.

With mymily, you are able to: - Create your own family tree - Learn about your family’s origin, culture, and history - Stay connected with all your family members, both immediate and extended - Chat with your family members on the go, both privately and in groups - Keep track of all your activities and share it with your family members - Update, maintain and share albums containing your favorite family moments - Immediately update your family members regarding important events and emergencies - Plan special occasions on the go - Cherish special moments with your family members - Never miss an update from your near and dear ones

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