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myUIC: General Insurance

myUIC: General Insurance

by United software

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  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance
  • myUIC: General Insurance

myUIC – explore new ways of risk coverage.  

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited, a member company of United International Group (UIG), is one of the leading insurance companies in the country.  Besides other remarkable achievements, the management has introduced a new App to provide numerous digital services for its valued customers. myUIC is a perfect blend of innovative technologies to meet all the requirements modern age General Insurance market.

 The App provides a fully integrated mobile solution for travel insurance, Health Insurance, and Motor Insurance. Other services are also included like the Tracker services.  More products continue to add value to this App. The client can get a quotation for various types of Motor Insurance like a comprehensive car insurance policy, third-party coverage, and private car insurance with or without a tracker.

Why choose myUIC Insurance?

The following are prominent features of this application are listed below.

Real-time protection with ease and comfort. It simply puts insurance at your fingertips in a real sense.

myUIC ensures the security of users' confidential information. After completing the login process, users gain access to their relevant information. The registration process is quick and secure, with OTP verification.

It provides user-friendly interfaces to get all the relevant information for the following most required insurance products:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance

there is no need to visit the head office to submit the Claim inquiry documentation. You can report preliminary information on the incident from anywhere anytime. myUIC provides user-friendly interfaces to intimate claims.

It provides up-to-date information about running promotions and special discount offers that the company may introduce from time to time.

It enables digital payment processing for online policy registration fees via a variety of methods.


One of myUIC's most significant features is WhatsApp conversation. Users can use live chat to get answers to their questions.

Instant updates on key developments taking place in the insurance market, with a focus on UIG

What services myUIC will provide?

Users may avail of online services after providing minimal information required for registration. Following is a brief description of various products being offered by myUIC

Healthcare plans.

UIC Family Health Secure coverage provides family medical insurance plans for individuals who need financial protection for themselves and their dependent family members against medical expenses incurred as a result of sickness or accident. Basic health plan.

Value Added Features

✓ 24 Hours Medical Hotline

strong>✓ Customer Service

strong>✓ Health Card

Motor Insurance

Moto insurance safeguards insured persons from financial losses caused by vehicle damage or theft. Whether you own a private car, a business vehicle, or a two-wheeler, we will assist you in obtaining low-cost vehicle insurance coverage.

Vehicle Coverage’s offered

Private Car Comprehensive

strong>✓ Theft

strong>✓ Third-party liability

a name="_Hlk126684438">Total loss & own damage

Travel Health Insurance

Travel insurance provides the best way to manage your financial burden due to risk and uncertainty during traveling. Coverage includes passport loss, medical bills and hospitalizations charges abroad, compensation for lost luggage on the flight, and accidental death. UIC travel & health Guardian provides comprehensive coverage for your whole tour. So buy travel insurance and focus on your goals without worry.

Value coverage’ is offered!

       ✓ Medical travel insurance

Loss of passport

strong>✓ Emergency Return home

strong>✓ Delayed Departure

strong>✓ Trip Cancellation

To further hence the App features, the following valuable services will also be included

strong>✓ Mehfooz Karobar

strong>✓ Personal Accident Insurance

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