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Nona Woman

01 Dec 2021 App Of The Day

Nona Woman

by Nona Woman

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The first-period tracker app is made especially for women like you.

With the changes in hormone levels that occur during your menstrual cycle, your body needs special attention! Log your symptoms every day to recognize patterns and get to know your body so that you can live more in harmony with it. By using Nona, you will become aware of the signs your body gives you in every phase of your menstrual cycle. You will receive recommendations and information from women's health experts, have the opportunity to ask questions with the Nona community, and share your experiences with your closest friends.

Period and Cycle Tracker
Log symptoms daily to get the most accurate predictions and recommendations for your cycle. Easily record your period, symptoms, mood, sleep quality, discharge, sexual activity.

Get access to Nona’s blogs and articles to learn more about all things related to your health.

Use the forum feature to ask your questions to the Nona community, or to share your knowledge and experiences with other Nona users.

Send friend requests to your friends and share with each other about your respective menstrual cycles.

Health Report
You can easily download information about your cycle and symptoms into a single PDF to share with your doctor.

Set reminders to log your symptoms, predicted ovulation days, and when your period is coming.

Made by Nonas for all Nonas.

Download the Nona app for free. Get to know your cycle & make your period work for you.

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