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Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera

20 Mar 2024 App Of The Day

Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera

by Quick App Labs

  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera
  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera
  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera
  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera
  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera
  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera
  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera
  • Note Cam Lite: GPS Camera

Have you ever thought of getting GPS coordinates of the place you visited can get imprinted on your clicked photos? or you may even add your thoughts as a note on the picture itself! No, Then try this Notecam lite app now.

To enjoy your Snaptime having GPS coordinates on photos, the Notecam lite app is just there for you. Get GPS information like Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, Location on photo. You can add date and time stamp and write a note on the photo. While checking your photos, one can easily find the location, dateTime & GPS coordinates of the photos.

Application provides a custom Notecam camera to click and stamp photos. You can take photos and videos having GPS information.

Features of Notecam lite:

Stamp on Photo:

▞ GPS location - Add GPS stamp on photo by geo-tagging images.
▞ Latitude-Longitude - Make latitude picture & Longitude picture by including lat long stamp on picture.
▞ Altitude - Add Altitude watermark, you can change altitude units.
▞ DateTime - Easily add Date Time stamp with geotags.
▞ Notes with Notecam - One of the prominent features that let you add note of your choice.

Stamp Settings:

▚ Font style: Set the font style according to your preference
▚ Font color: Select color of fonts from multiple color options
▚ Stamp's Background colour & Transparency: Set stamp background colour and its transparency according to your need
▚ Stroke & Color: Set color & stroke for stamping

➥ ON/OFF Toggle for Notes, Lat/long, Date time stamp, Altitude on the photo.

Camera Settings:

➥ Adjust Timer, Flash & Ratio of your choice to click your perfect pictures or videos.

Why do you need to have this Notecam lite app on your device?

- Easy to add geotag on photo as well as text on photo
- InApp GPS Camera with timestamp & Geolocation
- GPS photo tagger for all Geo-tagging camera-related work
- Date & timestamp on photo with GPS map camera
- Camera with Notes to add text on the photo as like auto stamp
- Notecam lite with DateTime & Longitude Latitude
- Geotagging app for adding real-time and location
- Notecam app can add stamps on both photos and videos

Who can use this Notecam lite with Geo-tagging & timestamp camera App?

- On times when real-time and location are involved to be shared with others.
- Travelers & Explores to create field notes & geotag photos with this Notecam lite
- Covering accident scenes or disaster management firms
- While transferring goods through Online deals, make photo notes
- Food, fashion, travel & Art Bloggers can advance their experiences with Notecam
- To send report from Construction sites to clients or a firm
- To keep evidence of borrowed items with date time camera & Note

Notecam lite is the most useful app for those who work in the field because Notecam has all features that are required

Snap it now & Enjoy Notecam lite with GPS Location & timestamp camera Application. Download Notecam camera now

**Sometimes due to mobile positioning, you may face trouble with capturing GPS coordinates, that’s certainly not an app problem.**

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