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Note Daily Notes

30 Aug 2021 App Of The Day

Note Daily Notes

by Mobiman

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It is difficult to remember and organize the work routines at work. My targets are often forgotten because I'm so forgetful. These pitfalls led me to keep a list of important documents in my handbook. However, once I open it I realize I will not be able find what I need to do. My colleague, who is a technology freak , helped me by downloading the Note Daily Notes, List notepad app. Scanner Notepad, Notebook app

I later discovered that this app has been developed by daily Mob Apps is one of the leading young startup team based out of Mumbai, India which deals in developing new generation utility apps that helps users to ease their daily activities which they perform using Android phones.

I also discovered that not only they have daily notes app but they variety of other popular apps in utility and tools segment such as daily notes, financial calculator, EMI calculator, resume pdf maker, smart file manager among several others. 

Some important features :
1. Sync :- store and keep your notes on Google Drive to avoid loss of notes when device is lost or changed
2. Lock App :- password protect your notes, set password to open and access notes
3. Widgets :- access notebooks and notes from home screen
4. Multi device :- Sync your notes and access across devices
5. Shortcuts :- Add shortcut to notes, todo list, scan document on home screen for quick access.

Now this daily notes app help a lot in my Daily Life to:

  • I can capture and take note of ideas, thoughts as and when they strikes
  • I can plan and manage office tasks and house tasks
  • I can plan and manage your work, time, schedule with to-do lists
  • I can create list and set reminders for bill pay, goals, medicine, workout plan
  • I can plan and set reminders for events like birthday, holidays, travel
  • I can create shopping lists, grocery lists
  • I can can documents, bills, receipts, photos
  • I can set reminders and track daily workout, exercise, yoga activities, medicine time
  • I can “Pin to status bar” to stop procrastinate important tasks

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