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Offline Maps

15 Dec 2023 App Of The Day

Offline Maps

by Brandnexa

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Offline Maps offers free GPS Navigation with Driving Directions and Real-Time Traffic Alerts.

Best Offline Maps app with GPS Navigation, Driving Directions and Voice Navigation. It offers both Offline Maps and Live Maps

Offline Maps, GPS, Driving Directions app is a free navigation app that works without internet in 160+ countries 👍. This app is suitable for travelers who have limited cellular data coverage with minimal battery usage. Users can download the maps offline with accurate route suggestions. This is the best GPS Navigation app which works in both offline maps and live maps mode.

Voice Navigation feature provides hands-free usage of mobile offline maps with Turn by Turn Navigation with your local language support. It provides GPS navigation features both offline and live mode. This a best maps app with free gps and free navigation features.

Free GPS navigation will provide all types of routes that are suitable for Car NavigationBike Navigation Pedestrian Navigation with different modes of public transport and Transit. When there is a delay in the user's route, this app will suggest the best alternate routes to the destination through real-time traffic alerts. Walk guidance is an important feature that guides Pedestrians Routes step by step suggesting best routes and alternative routes. This app will suggest various Public Transit Maps.

Offline Maps, GPS, Driving Directions app will help you in offline location tracker and Offline Route Planner. This app is very helpful in drawing the shortest route path on a map and finding the nearest public place without the help of the internet.

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