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Open Nettest

23 Jan 2018 App Of The Day

Open Nettest

by Claude Newman

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Open Nettest is a versatile platform for collecting, processing and visualizing of data related to the quality-of-service and quality-of-experience. It consists of a web-based client, mobile clients, hardware probes, data portal and the back-end infrastructure.

The platform is appreciated for its reliability and the accuracy of the measurements. This is because the testing methodology has been fine-tuned for several years now and, unlike the commercial alternatives, the test servers are hosted at the major national and international internet exchange points, outside of the internet service providers’ networks.

Open Nettest is being further developed as a part of the MoQoS project which is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility. The MoQoS project members comprise the regulators from Czechia, Slovakia and Slovenia, a not-for-profit organisation CZ.NIC and Specure GmbH.

The project aims to facilitate cooperation among national telecom regulators across Europe by creating, reusing and publishing open data related to the broadband internet. An integral part is the collection of Quality-of-Service and Quality-of-Experience data according to the current standards based on the BEREC’s (Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications) recommendations.

The platform and its underlying methodology is already being used by several national telecom regulators: RTR Austria, AKOS Slovenia, RATEL Serbia, Czech Telecom Office; Regulatory Authority of Slovakia, NKOM Norway and HAKOM Croatia. The test servers are hosted in the particular country at the main national internet exchange point. This guarantees the accuracy and comparability of the data among countries.

The data collected by Open Nettest can also be used for further analyses, such as adherence to the net neutrality, meeting the broadband coverage obligations and discovering the overall speed and quality trends of the broadband services. Open Nettest also provides visualization of the aggregated data on a heat map, allowing both the regulator and the end users to check the network performance and quality at any given place.

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