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PDF Advance Tool

30 May 2021 App Of The Day

PDF Advance Tool

by approidtech

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  • PDF Advance Tool
  • PDF Advance Tool
  • PDF Advance Tool
  • PDF Advance Tool
  • PDF Advance Tool

Text to PDF, scan QR & Barcode to PDF, excel to PDF. It’s easy to use and 100% free.

This app is like a one-stop solution. Try it now!

Exciting features: -

► Image to PDF converter
Import images and convert them to PDFs - notes, receipts, invoices, forms, etc.

► Text to PDF converter
Converts text to pdf document.

► Scan QR code or Barcodes to PDF converter
Scan any QR code or Barcode then convert that file into a pdf file.

► Excel to PDF converter
Convert easily your excel file into PDF.
And there are many features like...

► PDF editor and viewer
You can edit an existing PDF file and also read your pdf.

► Compress PDF files
Support to reduce PDF size through compression.

► Set password
You can set a password to protect your PDF files, and encrypt confidential files to be shared to prevent others from peeking at them.

► Rotate
Select the page you want to rotate.

► Add Text
Add text to your new file or existing one and you can also change the font type of the text.

► Add Watermark
Sometimes our file can be a steal and used by someone else for that query we add a watermark feature so you can add watermark to your file.

► Merge PDF
Merge two or more PDF files into one PDF file.

► Zip to PDF
Convert zip files into PDF easily.

► PDF to images
Yes, you can also convert your existing PDF file into images.

And many more things you can do like split any pdf, invert any pdf (black or white), remove duplicate pdf, remove pages from any pdf, extract images from the selected PDF not only that you can also extract text from any PDF.

How cool is that!!

This is a Free PDF converter app!

We love to hear suggestions from you! Please write your review about what you like or not about the app. shares your suggestion! Share this app!

Download now!

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