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PDF Page Editor Pro Edition

14 Aug 2019 App Of The Day

PDF Page Editor Pro Edition

by PDF Technologies, Inc

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Fast, robust and beautiful PDF page editor for your mac. PDF Page Editor Pro Edition gives you a complete set of PDF page editing tools. You can select particular pages, rotate PDF pages, reorder pages and much more It not only allows you to merge multiple PDFs into a single file but also enables you to split a single PDF into several files. With PDF Page Editor Pro Edition, you can easily alter PDFs by replacing, extracting, rotating, deleting, or appending pages. Altering PDFs has never been easier.

PDF Page Editor Pro Edition for Expert is your last PDF Page Editor application you would ever need.

Edit PDF Pages
・Pages Exchange: You can easily rearrange pages and change the page order in your PDF file
・ Remove one or more pages from a Adobe Acrobat PDF
・ Rotate PDF pages
・ Reverse PDF Pages Order
・ Replace pages from another PDF
・ Drag selected page(s) to desktop and save as a separate PDF

PDF pages Splitter
・ Split documents into multiple PDF documents
・ Or split via average (e.g., new PDF for every 5 pages)
・ Or number of desired files (e.g., split evenly into three PDF files)

Merge PDFs
・Combine multiple documents into a new single PDF, or borrow individual pages.
・ combine multiple pages into a new one.
PDF pages Extractor
・ Extract the desired pages to create a new PDF. If you want to extract all pages of PDF and save each of these pages as separate PDF, you could do this as well.
・ Extract text or images (JPG, PNG,TIFF, etc) from PDFs
・ Convert PDFs to JPG and PNG

・ Add blank pages to PDFs
・ Append: Insert another file (entire files or specific page ranges) into the existing file

Have any feedback, comments or issues? Please contact us directly at support@pdfreaderpro.com

PDF Page Editor Pro Edition for Mac AppStore

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