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Peer - Seeking women and men

21 Apr 2022 App Of The Day

Peer - Seeking women and men

by Mobiman

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  • Peer - Seeking women and men
  • Peer - Seeking women and men
  • Peer - Seeking women and men
  • Peer - Seeking women and men
  • Peer - Seeking women and men

PEER is a global AI-powered community for singles. Use the PEER app to connect and meet your soulmate. Free.

Innovative dating
PEER offers romantic dates with a happy continuation. Artificial intelligence algorithms personalize matches with candidates who share similar interests, goals, and sex appeal levels. No blisters from endless swiping.

Real people
PEER safeguards against the risks of anonymous Internet. We prevent an unpleasant surprise on the first date ━ the photo, weight, and age of the candidates will match those indicated in their profile. If PEER offers you to match a famous blogger, it won't be fake.

Share your dreams

The more you are to talking to PEERers, the better AI-selected candidates for dating will be offered;

We do not share data with third-party services and we guarantee the confidentiality of information that you do not want to share publicly but share with PEER;

Tips to break the ice
AI suggests conversation opening phrases to grab your match’s attention ━ what to ask and which topic would be sexy. Inspire, care, and shine!

Date PEERers with confidence!

It is not a shame to be single unless you have something to hide.

State-of-the-art technologies will:
provide your match's digital footprint and links to social media accounts
verify user's name based on their LinkedIn account
verify user’s pics are not stolen and you are connected to the actual person on the video/photo
verify that the user's height, face, and figure match those provided
block users who are suspected of being scammers

AI Ethics
They say ━ love is blind. We break social stereotypes and dogmas.

PEER is committed to ethical development and the use of AI. We hire the top experts to avoid bias and ensure the fairness of machine learning algorithms.

What is PEER
"Peer" has few meanings: someone equal, someone like you, and someone who looks carefully. Both meanings match our society’s interests.

But we want more. PEER stands for our values:


Peer for a peerless date with a PEERer. Help us to twist it more!

Love stories
💚 Welcome to share your ideas, passions, and dreams :)

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